Our Story

Vengeance Graphix was started by Chris Bonnell back in November of 2012. Having a passion for art and design as well as having a degree in graphic design and fine arts including the passion for cars, used the skills obtained over the years and self teaching to start designing automotive art. Since 2012 Chris has been taking the lead in automotive art and design since. Vengeance Graphix is where you are going to get some of the best customized artwork created for your car or anything with an engine. From show board displays to personalized automotive digital renderings and posters. When you receive something from Vengeance Graphix, you’re not only getting a product, but a work of art.


Here at Vengeance Graphix, you can guarantee on receiving the most extraordinary looking artwork you’ve seen. We strive to always be the very best at what we do and always go the extra mile. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and leave speechless each time you have something design by us!


Combining exceptional skill, creativity and design knowledge of advanced techniques at Vengeance Graphix, We are proud to be the preferred choice of automotive art designers around when it comes to creating unique an extraordinary designs.

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