Car Show Boards & Automotive Art

Through our distinctive car show boards & automotive art, we are able to intricately highlight the most notable features of your vehicle, even before it is fully complete. We understand the dedication and diligence that goes into creating a prized possession, which is why we aspire to ensure every project we undertake is a true representation of our client’s vision. You can trust us to showcase your vehicle with the utmost care and attention to detail, allowing you to reminisce on the incredible effort put into its creation. 

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Custom Series Show Boards

Next level car show boards that make a statement. Perfect for any car show or event that you attend. Stand out with one of our unique designs. A car shows most important accessory to bring with you.

Traditional Series Displays

Our traditional car show boards are less dynamic, but still have our unique signature flare. A car shows most important accessory to bring with you.

Mag Series Show Boards

A page right out of a magazine. Have your show board look like a magazine article. Car shows most important accessory to bring with you.


VGX apparel to be sported at all your events.

Next Level Car Show Boards

Unique car show boards designed from the ground up.


17 years of design skills to create stunning displays

Custom Retractable Display

Custom retractable show display for your next car show or event. Stand out with one of our unique custom designs.

T-Series Retractable Display

T-series retractable show display for your next car show or event. A traditional approach with our unique design flare.

Automotive Artworks

Custom digital artworks of your vehicle. Tell us your idea and have it turned into a digital artwork that can be shared on your social. We offer printing services as well if you choose to have the design printed.

Pre-made Catalog Artworks

A selection of pre-made digital artwork scenes created by Vengeance Graphix. Send us a photo of your car to be edited into the pre-made design. Choose either an emailed file or having it printed once completed. 


Our creativity is first, so you’re not seen last.

Above The Rest

Make a lasting impression with our car show boards.

Hero Cards

Promoting your ride has never been easier. Hand out Hero Cards at shows and events with a custom design of your vehicle on one side and contact info on the back. 

A perfect way to gain new social media followers or even new business clients.

Updates & Reprints

If you added new parts to your car, you don’t have to buy a new display. We can update the one you already have. Then print and ship it out to you. Email us for a quote on either a reprint or update on your current display.

Tripod Show Board Stands

Put your car show board on a stand that you can easily move around when you travel. You can purchase one from our Amazon affiliate link.

Metal Show Board Stands

A portable Car Show Board Stand that’s both versatile and durable for any car show or event you attend. It comes in two colors – silver or powder coated black. Contact VGX or visit to get one for your next next car show you attend.