Our Story

Independently owned by Chris Bonnell, Vengeance Graphix started back in November of 2012. Having a degree in graphic design, and a passion for cars, he uses his knowledge obtained over the years to design automotive art. Chris takes the lead in automotive art and design creating some of the most amazing looking artwork displays designed for customers all across the country. From show board displays, personalized automotive art, and various marketing material. 


You can guarantee on receiving the most unique looking artwork or displays for your vehicle. We aim at being the best at what we do and always go the extra mile for our customers. Proud being the preferred choice of automotive art designers, we combine exceptional skill, creativity and design knowledge to create extraordinary displays. There’s always a lot of talk amongst show gatherings from onlookers who acclaim our work we create for our customers. Dont believe us? Our designs get our customers first place


Be sure to keep up with us on social media! Click HERE to head over to our Facebook page, and HERE to our Instagram. We always post our completed designs for our customers.

A short list of some of the amazing companies that have used our services 

Atlanta Custom Wraps, BCS Auto, Ohio-Speed, CCI, Cold Air Inductions, Corsa Auto Design, Five Star Tint, Ideal Heating & Cooling, Omega Detailing, RK Tuning, Phastek Performance, Inshane Designs, GS Creations , Devilisinthedetail, Wax Gods, Vettstetics, Kratos Detailing

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