Below are samples of various pieces of design work that I have created 

Digital art of wedding images. Left side is photographers final image. Right side is digital designed piece

Business cards for a clients vinyl shop

Flyers handouts designed for a racing event

Package design, artwork concept & mock up for a clients boutique business

(Left) Digital poster design (Right) Digital concept ad art

Before and after digital design

Before and after Digital design

Business card designs 

Visual mock up design for a wrap design on a C7 Corvette for SEMA 2017

Ordinary objects turned into digital art pieces

Logos created for various clients

(left) Music concept art for a band – (right) CD cover art for Spotify music plays

(left) 18 ” x 36″ Oil Painting (Right) 24″ x 36″ Oil Painting 

Black and white charcoal drawings

T Shirt design for an aftermarket car part supplier

(Left) Concept design for SMEA 2018 (Right) Actual car created for SEMA 2016

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