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Retractable Show Display T-Series Contact. Start by filling out the form below. 


Photos are the main component to create a visually stunning display. Therefore, there are some requirements when sending images. This is to ensure that the quality of your display meets our business standard. Our number one priority is to give you a product we are proud of.

  • 1 Main Header Photo.
  • (6) Key photos to highlight.
  • Spec/mod/upgrade list (If you have extensive info we suggest selecting the important info.
  • T-Series is a non changeable layout. For a custom design please visit our custom show displays.


  • Take photos at multiple angles that are different from one another.
  • Close ups of details are acceptable.
  • Clean the camera lens (Phones especially). This ensures zero finger prints, smudges, or dust on the lens which can leave a haze in photos.
  •  Hi resolution images only. Photos should be no less than 2MB in file size.
  • If sending images from a phone make sure they are emailed at the original size.


  • Avoid cropping the exterior of the car. Make sure the car is fully in camera frame.
  • Keep reflections to a minimum. (fences, tree branches, or repeating objects).
  • Avoid taking photos in harsh light or dimly lit areas. Photos become washed out or too dark.
  • Do not zoom in on photos. This will lower the image quality (Mainly phone photos).
  •  Grainy, blurry, hazy photos will not be accepted.

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We do our best to respond within 24-48 hours Mon-Fri 10-5pm Est.

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