Vengeance Graphix sponsorships

Please use this as a guide for the Vengeance Graphix sponsorship application. We currently offer partial sponsorships only. Applicants need to apply yearly for renewal.

Please read this whole page before submitting a proposal. We have listed information below regarding what a sponsorship proposal is.

What is Sponsorship?

The relationship between a sponsor and the sponsored must be a mutually beneficial one. Sponsorship is not the process of trying to get free work done on your project because you cannot afford to buy these items on your own.

Sponsorship, and the act of being sponsored, is entering into a contract with a brand that you have a sincere interest in promoting. Many companies require that you sign a contract to gain sponsorship, and they can even have monetary penalties if you do not fulfill your requirements. Any aftermarket company is going to receive hundreds (if not thousands) of sponsorship proposals each year. Therefore, in order to gain sponsorship, you will have to set yourself apart from everyone else out there with a sick build that is in the same position as you.

Here are the requirements for Vengeance Graphix sponsorship consideration:

 1. A thoughtfully and professionally designed sponsorship proposal must be emailed to Vengeancegraphix@gmail.com – We will not consider sponsorship requests via any other method. When emailing your proposal please use the subject: VG Sponsorship Application

 2. Sponsored cars must show a minimum of 8 times a year. (We will conduct periodic reviews to make sure you are upholding this requirement)

 3. All prominent social media sources in use by the sponsored will state: Sponsored by @Vengeancegraphix and we expect weekly tags. Not hashtag, tags so that we may also repost your content and show off your work!

 4. While sponsored by Vengeance Graphix. Competing sponsorships must be addressed prior to accepting

 5. What social media platforms do you use and how many followers do you currently have them? (This will be checked so include your @usernames)

Discount Percentage: All sponsorships are partial giving 8-20% off of on Vengeance Graphix pricing.

What makes you and your application desirable?

Never, EVER Just Expect Free Product – Now more than ever, companies have to be smart with their marketing dollars. Long gone are the days where free was no problem in the automotive aftermarket…that was more than 10 years ago. Partial sponsorships are the norm in the industry these days, with most companies having established discount structures based on a set of pre-determined criteria requirements. Only the highest profile builds are ever considered for anything beyond that, and the people behind those builds you likely already know their names.

If You Act Entitled, You Will Likely Be Disappointed – If you approach a sponsorship opportunity with your hand out, chances are you will walk away empty handed. By being granted sponsorship, you are basically becoming a brand ambassador for our company. You are effectively asking to become an extension of the marketing arm of Vengeance Graphix and will be a representation of our brand at all events and functions. If you are not prepared for this responsibility, you should not apply for sponsorship.

Do Your Research – A company wants to know that you know their products, and therefore would be able to properly promote them. Before considering entering into a partnership, know what products are right for your project. Nothing makes you look worse than asking for sponsorship on a vehicle when we do not carry the products you are looking for.

Set Yourself Apart! Any company you send a request to will be looking for much more than local car meet participation and willingness to apply a vinyl sticker to your vehicle. A company is looking for guaranteed exposure.

Make sure you send us photos of your vehicle. 

No proposal could be complete without them. High quality photographs are a plus.

A sponsorship proposal should attempt to answer the basic questions, while also instilling a sense of excitement and purpose. Who are you? What separates your build from the rest? What can you bring to the table that will be of value to Vengeance Graphix? When and where will your completed project be seen/exhibited/raced over the next 12 months? How can you improve a sponsor’s business by working with you? Compulsory elements that cannot be left out of any proposal are a detailed modification sheet, list of other companies or brands already involved with the project, and a minimum 12 month event schedule where the vehicle will be featured or on display.

As stated above, being a sponsored individual is like becoming a representative of the company that is sponsoring you.